Privacy Policy

Our company values your privacy and are dedicated to safeguarding the personal information. This privacy statement will inform you of how we manage your data, your privacy rights, and the legal safeguards in place to preserve you. Please take the time to read this privacy statement before using our Services carefully.

1. Who or what are we?

The data controller for the private data collected through this Platform is Mansarochan, a company incorporated and registered in India.

2. What knowledge do we gather about you?

2.1.1 Information gleaned from direct interactions

Registration information and other account details

• If you register with a Google account, we collect your first and last names, as well as your email address; 

• If you register with a Facebook account, we collect your first and last names as they appear on the Facebook profile, as well as Facebook IDs and the URL to your Facebook profile picture. Suppose you have granted Facebook permission via their in-app privacy option (which appears just before registering on our Platform). In that case, we may collect your gender, age, or email address, depending on the permissions granted by you.

• If you register with your mobile phone number, we will collect that number.

• If you register with your Apple ID, you will be asked to provide your names as well as an email address. When you sign in to your Apple account, you can choose whether to share your email address with us.

Depending on the options you select when logging into our Services or engaging our Services, you may choose to provide the following additional personal data:

• Your name; 

• Your email address; 

• Your mobile number; 

• Your credit card/debit card information if you choose to purchase our paid services as defined in our Terms of Use with your credit/debit card.

• A copy of your identification (driver's license, passport, or another card, whichever is most convenient for you) and a real-time image of your face if you have elected for the Platform's KYC verification. Keep in mind that the KYC verification process is currently limited to a small number of users.

• A copy of your vehicle's registration certificate (RC) if you elected to provide one when listing your vehicle on our Services. Please keep in mind that the option to provide RC is only available to a select number of users at the moment.

Your Mansarochan account must be validated.

We validate Mansarochan users' accounts using SMS verification to ensure that each account belongs to a genuine and unique user. This validation process begins when you submit your first ad listing through our Services. To verify your Mansarochan account before posting your ad listing, we will send you an SMS to the mobile number you provide. This procedure is completely free.

If you do not agree to validate the account, your account will remain active, and you will have limited functionality when using our Services. Additionally, you will be unable to receive or respond to messages from other users.

If you create multiple Mansarochan accounts using the same mobile number and verify them all via SMS, each of those accounts will have limited functionality, and you will be prompted to choose one of them. Your selected account will revert to full functionality, while the remaining accounts will retain limited functionality.

Within 24 hours, each user may request a maximum of five SMS messages containing verification codes. Each account is validated only once until the user successfully verifies it via SMS.

Once your Mansarochan account has been validated, it will remain linked to the mobile number used for SMS verification. You must contact our Customer Support team to change the mobile number associated with your Mansarochan account.

Communication via our Platform's chat feature

When you utilize our chat feature to interact with other users, we collect the information you choose to share with them.

Participating in our user surveys

We may send you user surveys from time to time to gauge your overall satisfaction with the quality of our Services. We will use only a session log for this purpose. Please be aware that the information you provide in response to our survey questions may contain personal data that you provide voluntarily in your responses.

2.1.2 Data that we automatically collect when you use our Services

When you apply our Services, we collect the following information about you automatically:

Specifications of the Device

• We collect information about your devices, such as their operating system version and unique identifiers. For instance, the name of the mobile network on which you are currently connected. The device identifiers are associated with your Mansarochan account.

Information about the location

• If you post an item on the Platform, we will automatically collect and process information about your actual location based on the permissions set on your device. We determine location using various technologies, including IP addresses, GPS, Wi-Fi access points, and mobile towers. Your location data enables you to view user items in your vicinity and assists you in posting items in your vicinity. If we require your location data, we will first display a pop-up asking you to allow or deny us access to your location data. If you do not grant us access to your location data, you may still use our Services but with limited functionality. If you allow us access to your location data, you can always revoke it later by visiting the settings page on our Website or App, or Platform and disabling the location sharing permissions.

Client and log information

• Technical information, such as your device's Internet Protocol (IP) address, time zone, and operating system. Additionally, we will save your login information (registration date, last password change date, and last successful login date), as well as the type as well as version of your browser.

Clickstream data

• We gather information about your activity on our Platforms, such as the websites from which you linked to us, the date and time of each visit, the searches you conducted, the span of your visit, and the course in which you visited the content on our Platform.

Brownies and Other Analogous Technologies

• We employ cookies to manage our users' sessions, save your language preferences, and serve you with relevant advertisements. Cookies may be used to collect information about your visit, including the date and time, your browsing history, your preferences, and your username. You can configure your browser to reject all cookies or specific types of cookies or to notify you when websites set or access cookies. Please be aware that certain features of our Services/Platform may become inaccessible or cease to function if you disable or refuse cookies. Please refer to our Policy on Cookies and Similar Technologies for additional information about the cookies we use.

3. Why do we gather and use your personal information?

We will only use your data by applicable law. Generally, we will use your personal information in the following situations:

• Where we are required to perform the contract with you that we are about to enter into or have already entered into.

• Where it is necessary to protect our legitimate interests in providing you with a safe and secure Platform.

• Where we are required to adhere to a legal or regulatory requirement.

We may also process your data with your consent in certain circumstances. If we do this, we will inform you of the purpose and category of personal data that will be processed when your consent is sought.

We have listed below the reasons for which we use your data, as well as the legal bases upon which we rely. Additionally, we have identified our legitimate interests, where applicable].

3.1 to provide access to and deliver Services through our Platform

1. If you log in with your mobile phone number or email address, we will use your names, mobile phone number, or email address to identify you as a user and grant you access to our Platform.

2. If you log in with a Facebook, Google, or Apple ID account, we will use your names, as well as the email address associated with that account, as well as the URL to your profile picture. If you log in with a Facebook, Google, or Apple ID account, we will use your names, as well as the email address associated with your Facebook profile, to identify you as a user on our Platform and to present you with access to our Platform.

3. We process any payments you make to our Services via third-party payment processing providers. Depending on the payment system, you will be asked to provide us with your payment and credit card details, which we will pass on to the payment service provider to process your payment. We don't save your credit card information unless you want to save it from simplifying recurring payments by eliminating the need to re-enter your information each time. In these instances, we store only the cardholder's name, the card type's expiration date, the card type, as well as the latter four digits of the card number. We don't store any credit card code verification values and instead send them along with your credit card number in the encrypted format to our payment service provider for processing.

We process the details above to carry out our contract with you effectively.

3.2 To enhance your experience on the Platform and to create new features for the Platform

1. We use clickstream data to: 

• Personalize the experience with our Services, such as by providing you with more specific search results.

• To ascertain the amount of time you spend on our Platform and how you work through it to ascertain your preferences and develop our Services based on this information. For instance, based on the content you have clicked, we can provide you with suggestions for additional content to visit.

• To monitor and report on the campaign's success to our business partners and internal business review.

2. If you supply us with your location details, we can use it for the following purposes:

• To collect anonymous and aggregated data on the characteristics and behavior of Mansarochan users, including conducting market research, segmenting users, and creating anonymous profiles.

• To optimize our Services' success and to tailor the content we provide to you. For instance, we use location data to view ad listings in your vicinity to enhance your purchasing experience. Google Maps is made into our Platform for this reason. It means that Google and we are both accountable for processing your location data in connection with Google Maps. In any case, we will not use your location data for any reason other than the ones described in this Privacy Statement. On the other hand, Google can process such location data for its purposes, as detailed in the Google Privacy Statement, which can be viewed. Google Maps' Terms of Service govern Google Maps use through our Platform.

• To monitor and analyze your interactions with third-party advertising banners that we display on our Platform.

3. Using your account details, which includes your email ID and phone number, we identify the various devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet) from which you access our Platform. This enables us to associate your Platform operation across devices and enables us to provide you with a consistent experience regardless of which device you use.

4. We use the photos, descriptions, and prices you include in your ad listings to train machine learning models that help us personalize search results based on ad ranking and user interest, improve the recognition and presentation of ad listings, enhance the search feature, and increase the probability of a successful sale. It enables us to enhance our Services and offer you a more personalized user experience.

5. To display and suggest advertisements on our Services that might be of interest to you, we employ algorithms that analyze your browsing habits, the products you purchase, clickstream data, your user ID, and, if you have permitted us, your location data. We use automated decision-making to improve our Services and have a more personalized user experience by showing you more appropriate ad listings.

6. We view and review your chat messages with other users through our Platform's chat feature to improve our products and provide you with a better user experience (e.g., to identify sold items and provide you with active listings only). As a result, we build and train machine learning models and algorithms to analyze your chat content automatically. Our machine learning specialists can manually review exemplary chat content to develop and train our machine learning models. In these instances, chosen machine learning experts evaluating the chat content have extremely limited access privileges. We attempt to de-identify chat content as much as possible during this analysis phase by using a scanning filter to detect and hide personal data such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, in certain instances outside our control, the chat content can reveal some personal information that you have chosen to provide.

7. If you agree to opt for KYC verification through our Services, we will request that you snap a real-time picture of your face and an image of your identity proof in fast succession to verify your identity. After completing the KYC process, your account will be deemed validated if the image on the identity proof matches the image of your face captured. This type of verification can assist you in establishing faith with other users and obtaining more responses to your listings.

8. If you agree to include the RC when posting an ad for your car on our Services, we can request an image of your RC along with images of your car during the posting flow. When you submit your listing, if the RC information matches the registration number of your vehicle, your ad will say, "RC checked by MANSAROCHAN." This type of verification can assist you in establishing faith with other users and obtaining more responses to your listings. Internally, the RC will be checked, and no information about the RC will be reflected on our Services.

We process the information above to ensure the proper execution of our contract with you and to further our genuine interest in enhancing your experience with our Services.

3.3 To solicit your reviews, encourage, and give you products and services that may be of interest to you.

1. To maintain and secure our Platform, we use your mobile number, log data, and unique user identifiers (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, fraud prevention, system maintenance, support, reporting, and hosting of data).

2. We view and review your chat messages with other users through our Services' chat feature to ensure customer loyalty, ensure user protection, and preventing fraud. As a result, we build and train machine learning models and algorithms that allow us to detect and prevent inappropriate and fraudulent user activity automatically. We attempt to de-identify chat content as much as possible during the analysis and training processes by anonymizing the unique identity values assigned to users. However, in certain instances outside our control, the chat content can reveal some personal information that you have chosen to provide. Only in exceptional situations and circumstances do our consumer protection and security experts manually review chat material, for example, if we have clear indicators of fraudulent activity. In these conditions, designated consumer protection and security professionals reviewing the chat content are granted extremely limited access privileges.

3. To prevent and detect fraud on our Services, we use algorithms to identify suspicious or fraudulent user actions based on certain details, such as user activity and posted material, resulting in us suspending or terminating certain user accounts. When there is a great level of certainty that an account or activity is fraudulent, automated banning occurs. Otherwise, human review occurs by selecting consumer protection and security specialists with extremely limited access privileges. We employ this method of automated decision-making to identify and prevent fraud and keep our Services safe and stable for our customers.

4. We collect some information about and about the electronic device from which you access our Services to prevent fraud on our Services. The knowledge we collect includes your user ID (depending on whether you are logged in), the Mansarochan country domain, your IP address, the language settings on your computer, the brand and configuration of your device, the operating system, and the version of your device, the browser type, and version, and device-specific software information such as fonts, system and browser time zones, and available video and audio formats. The device-related information is used to decide if users are interacting with our Services using the same device. We equate this information with a user fraud ranking, which we use to determine which users to ban. For additional details, please see our Policy on Cookies and Similar Technologies. If you think your account was banned in error, you can contact us through our customer support helpline, and our team will review the ban decision.

3.4 To solicit your reviews, encourage, and give you products and services that may be of interest to you.

1. We can contact you via your registered mobile phone number or email address to solicit feedback about our Services.

2. We use the email address and mobile number (via SMS) to communicate with you about our Services that may interest you.

3. We track and report the efficacy of campaign delivery to our business partners and internal business analysis using clickstream data.

4. If you want to provide us with your location data, we can use it to track and control your interactions with third-party advertising banners that we display on our Services.

We process the information above to pursue our legitimate interest in conducting marketing activities to give you Services that may interest you. You can receive such marketing messages from us in the following ways: 

• Via your preferred mode of communication if you have requested such information from us.

• Via email or telephone, about comparable products and services, whether you have previously used our Services or purchased any of our products.

• By phone and email, if you provided us with your contact information when entering a competition; or 

• By phone and email, if you registered for a promotion; or 

• By phone and email, if you provided us with feedback about our Services through our Platform, social media, or any other means.

Please be aware that as a registered user on our Platform, if you have registered for DND/DNC/NCPR services, you can continue to receive the above communications.

You may opt-out of receiving such marketing communications at any time by clicking on the opt-out connection in the email we send you, adjusting your notification settings in your account, or stating to our calling agent that you do not wish to be contacted for the marketing above communications.

4. How can we communicate any updates to our privacy policy to you?

Our company holds the right to amend and change this privacy policy at any time. We will inform you of material changes to this privacy statement as necessary in the circumstances and as required by applicable law, such as prominently posting a notice on our Services, sending you a message via our Services, or sending you an email. If you disagree with how we handle your data or the options we provide, you can close your account at any time by navigating to your account settings and selecting delete account.

5. Interaction

We will interact with you via email, SMS, or in-app notification in connection with our Services/Platform to confirm your registration, notify you when your ad listing becomes life/expires, and communicate with you about other transactional messages relating to our Services. Due to the necessity of providing you with such transactional messages, you might not be able to opt out of receiving them.

6. With whom do we distribute your data?

Our company may be required to share your data with the parties mentioned below to accomplish the purposes outlined in Section 3 above.

Corporate affiliates: We can share your information with our group companies, which are based in and outside India, and assist us in providing business operations services such as product upgrades, customer care, and fraud detection.

Third-Party Service Providers: We depend on third-party service providers to provide some aspects of our Services, such as cloud storage.

We perform background checks on our third-party service providers and expect them to protect your data and handle it legally. Our company does not permit them to use your data for their purposes and only permit them to process your data according to our instructions and for defined purposes.

Advertising and analytics providers: To improve our Services, we can share non-identifiable information about you with analytics providers who assist us in analyzing how our Platform/Service is used. We share non-identifiable information about you with them to track and report on the success of our campaign delivery to our business partners, as well as for internal business review. Please refer to our Policy on Cookies and Related Technologies> for more information about our advertisers and analytics providers.

We may disclose your data to law enforcement agencies, regulators, governmental and public bodies, or other relevant third parties to comply with any other legal or regulatory demands.

Our company reserves the right to sell, transfer, or combine portions of our company or properties. Alternatively, we can attempt to acquire or combine with other companies. If our company is sold, the new owners can continue to use your data in the manner described in this privacy statement.

When you use our Services to list an item for sale, you can opt to make that personal details accessible to other Mansarochan users. It may include your first and last names, an email address, a physical address, and a contact phone number. Please keep in mind that any knowledge you give to other users can be shared with others, so please use caution in this regard.

7. Where and for how long do we store your data?

We will store and process the data we gather about you on secure servers to provide you with the best possible user experience. For instance – for the rapid website or mobile application growth.

We will maintain your data for as long as possible to accomplish the purposes it was obtained and comply with any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.

To decide the appropriate retention period for personal data, we take into account the number, quality, and importance of the personal data, the possibility of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of your data, the reasons for which we process your data, and whether those purposes can be accomplished by other means, and relevant legal requirements.

8. Technical and organizational safeguards, as well as data protection

The information we collect about you is stored on secure servers, and we have introduced appropriate and required technological and organizational safeguards to protect your data. Mansarochan is constantly evaluating the network's security and the adequacy of its internal information security program, which is designed to:

1. Assist in securing the data against unintentional or unauthorized loss, access, or disclosure.

2. Identify fairly foreseeable threats to the Mansarochan network's security.

3. Mitigate security risks, including through risk evaluation and frequent testing.

Additionally, we encrypt all payment data using SSL technology.

Please keep in mind that, despite the safeguards we have to protect your data, data transmission over the Internet or other free networks is never fully protected. There is a risk that unauthorized third parties will gain access to your personal information.

9. Hypertext links to websites operated by third parties

Our Platform can contain links to the websites or applications of third parties. Please keep in mind that each of these links will have its privacy statement. We have no power over these websites/applications and are not liable for their policies. When you leave our Platform, we recommend that you read the privacy statements of each website you visit.



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