'All work and no play makes Jack a dull lad,' thus we celebrate the minor joys of life at Mansarochan, such as friendship day, summer day, and so on. Employees are encouraged to express their creative side, which will eventually assist them in their daily work.

Cricket match tournaments at Mansarochan bring employees together as a team, fostering team spirit. Mansarochan fashion night was an event that turned a staff into top supermodels and instilled self-confidence and a cool attitude in them! Mansarochan's festivals are full of pomp and circumstance. At Mansarochan, Navratri celebrations, Christmas celebrations, Diwali festivities, Kite flying festival, Children's Day celebrations, Independence Day celebrations, Ganeshotsav have all brought joy to our staff. All of this contributes to the Mansarochan workplace becoming a second home for its employees.

We have better solutions, we try new things, and ultimately our consumers receive the finest service when we are stress-free. Our most productive days have been our happiest days at Mansarochan. It is how we work; we enjoy ourselves at work and ensure that everyone else does.

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Independence Day

There is no such word as free will. Our freedom is based on the blood of our freedom fighters who gave their lives in the process. We celebrate this independence for five days, which we name "Azaadi Week," knowing that it can never be taken for granted. The martyrs are remembered and those who led the country to new dawn while the rest of the world slept at midnight.


Happy Diwali! The Festival of Lights, where virtue triumphs against evil! We celebrate this wonderful event for five days, during which acquaintances become friends, gifts are exchanged, and numerous events are scheduled among all departments, and the mood is festive.


The nine-day event is usually marked by the donning of various colored garments. We also had a Matka-making competition among the teams, which left us in awe of our creative minds!!!

Christmas Day

We generally decorate the floor and have someone come overdressed as Santa Claus at Mansarochan to celebrate Christmas. This time, however, things were a little different. We challenged each team to create a Crib in their unique way.


Ganeshotsav is a prominent celebration across Maharashtra, from Lal Baughcha Raja in Parel to the Sarvjanik Ganesh Mandal in Kastur Park. We commemorate this occasion by holding beautiful rangoli competitions and traditional days, reenacting the charm of our various teams' oneness.

Children's Day

We think that we all have a child within us, even as adults. We held a Face Painting competition to get the word out. Each team member's face was painted with a jungle motif.

Friendship Day

Friendship is something that we all require, regardless of our age. We held a Yellow Day and Twin Day to commemorate Friendship Day.

Cricket Match

Great team players both within and outside the office, as well as on the cricket field. We hold cricket matches across departments regularly, encouraging everyone to work together.

Women's Day

Celebrating Women's Day demonstrates a high level of respect for women. This Day is dedicated entirely to our female colleagues. To make them feel special and honor their presence in our workplace, we hold various events and activities.


Holi, often known as the festival of colors, is a religious spring holiday. Even though we did not use any color powders, we prepared imaginative activities relating to colors, such as poster creating competitions and wearing brightly colored costumes.

Chaat Day

Mumbai is recognized for its delicious chaats, and Mumbai residents are chaat connoisseurs. Employees competed in 10-minute competitions that included making unique chaats in groups and pampering one another.

Day of Kite Flying

Makar Sankranti, or Kite Flying Day, is celebrated as the start of an auspicious period in Indian culture. Mansarochan feels that this auspicious period should be celebrated on a communal level. The crew crafts brightly colored kites with simple statements that raise awareness of a problem we all need to be aware of.

Summer Activities

Summer, despite the weather, is enjoyed with vigor in this city. Interesting competitions are held, such as those involving the preparation of special Summer drinks and delicacies. So, even if the temperature outside is sweltering, the environment within the office is always pleasant, thanks to such activities.

Valentine Day

Valentine's Day is observed on February 14th all around the world as a day of love. Employees were told to make things that they thought reflected love in both solo and group competitions. As a token of their friendship, team members presented their managers with a rose.



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