About Us

Mansarochan Limited is India's No. 1 Classified ad listing company, offering local services to consumers across the country through our website.

For its users, Mansarochan has launched classified ad listing services. These services strive to make various daily chores easily actionable and accessible to users via a single platform. As a result, it has evolved from merely providing local search and related information to becoming a facilitator of such transactions. Mansarochan also released Mansarochan Omni, an end-to-end business management solution for SMEs, intending to help thousands of SMEs operate their businesses more efficiently online and have a strong online presence via their website mobile site. On the website, users can post their ads-free and can get leads as per their requirements.

The Mission of Mansarochan

To link buyers and sellers by providing fast, free, reliable, and comprehensive information to our users.

Information about the company

• The company began delivering local search services under the Mansarochan brand, India's leading local search engine. 

• Users can use Mansarochan's search services on the website.

• Mansarochan's classified search enables consumers to identify relevant providers of products and services while also assisting businesses in Mansarochan's database to market their offers, bridging the gap between users and businesses.

Facts about Mansarochan

• Mansarochan website is available for all the users who want to post their ads and the buyers.

• Mansarochan provides this classified ads listing service throughout the country.

Important Points to Remember

• Pan-India presence: Services are available in more than 250 cities across India.

• First-mover advantage: As the industry pioneer, Mansarochan has a strong presence in all Indian cities and towns, with a strong presence in Tier II and III cities.

• Scalable and advanced technological platform: With 23 transaction-oriented search plus verticals, Mansarochan social sharing platform, and all on one platform, users will have a more engaging user experience.

• A sizable online community of active users: As of December 31, 2020, there were over 132.6 million users (quarterly average unique users) who have contributed to 115,172,532 ratings and reviews. Mansarochan's internet community is more active than ever before.

• Attractive value offer for small businesses in the area: Mansarochan's value-added offerings of massive internet presence, payment solutions, customized website, mobile site, and mobile App; all packed together, making it a compelling value proposition for MSMEs, many of whom have had long-term relationships with the company.

• Local Competence: Mansarochan has extensive expertise in all parts of the country, thanks to a robust and widespread sales team, years of experience, and in-depth local market knowledge. Furthermore, Mansarochan's positive relationships with current MSMEs allow for recommendations and repeat business.

• Proven monetization approach with a long history of operation.

• Management team with years of experience



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