Sell And Purchase Old Cars

Sell And Purchase Old Cars


Buying and selling old cars are becoming a trend these days. People who can't afford to purchase a new car from the showroom at their original costs switch to buying a second-hand car.

If they want to upgrade their cars, they put up their old car for sale and use that extra money to buy new cars. This process has been going on for a long time, and even today, people prefer buying and selling old cars.

However, how and where is the selling and purchasing of old cars done? Let us introduce you to Mansarochan! We will make your job super easy. With our company, you can comfortably sell and purchase old cars.

For more important details, continue reading this article to cover everything you need to know about an old car sale and purchase.

Points To Remember While Buyin

Points To Remember While Selling
The first thing you must do before putting your car for sale in an old car showroom is gathering and collecting all the necessary documents. You must always have these documents with you while selling your car. When you hand over the documents, take the complete payment. Avoid taking it before or after giving the documents to the buyers.
Make sure that you inform the RTO within fourteen days of selling your car to the buyer. Attach all necessary documents to the letter to the RTO office (a list of the same is provided below). Always ensure that you exchange the documents with the complete payment because many people might try stealing your car.
As a seller, you also must verify and check the buyer’s identification proof. You must provide all honest details to the buyer, without hiding about negative points. Integrity is essential in these cases so that in the future, your buyer does end up accusing you of fraud.

List of Important Documents
1. The Registration Certificate
2. Insurance
3. Service-related documents
4. Road tax receipt (if any)
5. A purchase invoice or sale receipt
6. CC or NOC from the original RTO of vehicle registration

Advantages of Selling Old Cars

Selling old cars comes with many advantages. You can get upgraded to a car of your choice. You can sell off the old car if you are satisfied or bored of driving it. With that extra money you get, you can customize your latest car. You can also get a better music system or a wrap; it can be anything that pleases you!
By availing services from old car showroom platforms that are tuned to an old car sale, you can also broaden your audience base and get better and lucrative deals. In addition, you do not have to pay a large fee to brokers!

Advantages of Buying Old Cars
Buying an old car has more advantages and the most obvious one is that you get the same model at a much lower price! If you had a financial crunch that prevented you from buying that one sleek model you were eyeing, voila! A second-hand car ensures that you can afford it and fulfill your dreams!
Many people sell the latest cars because of many reasons like more seats or less space for legs. They try, dislike, and later put up the latest cars for sale. So it's always possible for a buyer to the latest car at a cheaper rate.
Cars don't get damaged very easily, so even if you buy an already used car, there are very high chances that you'll get a car in perfect condition. You can always clean it up, polish it and make it look brand new. For a middle-class family, getting a good old car will be a more practical option. It will save up a lot of money for the future and will also get you the desired model.

Misconceptions About Buying Old Cars

People think that buying old cars could lead to a loss, but with Mansarochan, that's never the case. We ensure that a good quality and performance car is delivered to you. Every site does this old car valuation process once the seller lists the car for sale. Therefore, you will never be scammed.

Many of you might be scared about the sale being a fraud, but ID proofs and correct documentation will never go wrong.

Another thing that people think is that if the car is already used, its performance levels will go down, and it won't work properly. People also feel like they might have to spend a lot of cash on getting the car repaired. But that's totally not the case; you can personally check every bit of the car before buying. The mileage might go down a bit, but that won't make a difference if the car is bought at a reasonable rate.

Used cars can be similar to showroom cars if appropriately maintained.


So this article has covered almost every important detail that one must know before purchasing or selling a car. Don't forget that we here at Mansarochan will guide you and help you through the process. Remember that an old car sale is a plausible trade with mutual benefits.

We would also recommend that you re-read the points to remember before you go and make the purchase or confirm the deal with the buyer. Stay safe from frauds and be vigilant and cautious at all times. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you must check the list of essential documents which are listed in this article.

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