Sell and Purchase Old Mobiles

Sell and Purchase Old Mobiles

To the people who are thinking of throwing out your old phones - just hold on! Are you aware of the fact that there is a big market for selling and buying old phones? There is indeed a big business based on this. So before you think of dropping your used device in a trash can, give this a thought. Instead of discarding it, you could earn some money in an old mobile sale.

And now for people who are in need of a good phone - there are several options via which you can get your hands on a good, perfectly functioning second-hand phone. Instead of purchasing the latest mobile phone, you could do this and save money, and also save the environment in some ways.

Now, how does this process work? There are many websites and platforms that both purchase and sell old mobiles, and there are also ones that have old mobile exchange offer for a new phone. Visit Mansarochan, and take a look at the products, and you can easily find old mobiles under 10000.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of websites that deal with businesses like this. This process contains 3 steps -

Knowing the price - Choose the device you want to sell. On the website, choose the brand and model of your device. There will be an array of questions asking about the functionalities of your phone. Answer them appropriately, and once the questions are done, they will provide you with a price quote that matches the condition of your device.

Picking up the device - After you confirm your selling, the site will ask you to schedule a time and place on which they can pick up the device. You can give them the required details, and at the given time, a representative from the site will collect your device.

Payment - Different websites offer different methods of payment. You can either collect cash during the pickup, or you’ll be offered an online transaction in some form.

Validating the device

After buying your old device, the third-party dealer can go for two options - they can either make small repairs and final touches and sell the device, or they can refurbish it. What they do with the device depends on its condition.

If the site decides to sell the phone just as a used product, then they will have to do some basic checks. After going through and confirming all the information you gave about the device, it will be searched for other minor issues like a cracked screen, or a damaged back case. These will be fixed by replacing certain parts.


Refurbishing a used device is a bigger process. Given below are some of the basic steps that are involved in this process.

Restoring the phone to its original factory settings and erasing the memory.

Getting the device rid of any new customizations.

Servicing the damaged and chipped parts.

Repairing the battery, and in some cases, adding a new battery, so as to ensure better battery life.

Refurbishing is mostly done by the manufacturers themselves. They work on the device and try to make it like a new product, and sell it for a slightly lower price. Third-party repairs might not meet the original standard, but they still strive to give a good outcome.

With the help of Mansarochan, you can buy old mobiles under 10000 in great condition. We also have an array of the latest mobile phones. Visit our website to know more!

Buying a used phone:

There are many important points to keep in mind if you are looking to purchase a used or refurbished phone. With so many sites and businesses popping up, you should know how to check a mobile before you buy it. Here are some tips.

Research thoroughly

When you are surfing for a used mobile phone, make sure that the origin of the phone is genuine. We do not want to get our hands on a stolen phone and later get into trouble for that. Ask the right questions, and ascertain every detail. Ensure that the phone is of a good brand and model so that you can easily service it in the future.

Look out for physical damages

When you view the phone, look out for all the physical damages. If the image is not clear, and when the actual product is damaged, return it. One might never know how badly the device was used. So, ensure that the offer is genuine and then buy it.

Check the inner parts

Sometimes the phone might look flashy and good from the outside, but it could be damaged inside. Just because there is an old mobile sale at a cheap price, do not buy useless ones. After you receive the device, take it to a store and have a proper look at it. If you find the product to be damaged, return it immediately. Make sure to test the basic stuff like SIM card slot, microphone, SD slot, etc...

Software check

If the previous owner had used the phone quite rigorously, then you might experience software issues. Even though it’s a second-hand mobile, it is important that it works smoothly. Make sure that the phone has not been rooted or jailbroken. This can be checked by downloading a rooted device check tool from the Play Store.

With Mansarochan, find the best old mobile exchange offer and buy a fully approved and checked used device. Here, you’ll find a variety of used and refurbished mobiles, along with the latest model mobiles.


There are so many third-party dealers and websites that deal with the buying and selling of used electronic devices. By purchasing a refurbished or a used mobile phone, keep that in mind that you contribute to the environment by not producing extra e-waste. Re-using an electronic device that is in a good condition can both be friendly to your pocket, as well as the environment. But make sure to research well, and choose the right deal.

Enjoy your shopping experience!

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