Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

Purchasing farming equipment from the market might be even more difficult now. It is not because you can't find the right product, but because of the thousands of lockdown restrictions that have taken form due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So can you still get your desired food and Agriculture products without visiting the markets? Of course, you can!

You can be both a buyer and a seller on the Mansarochan website. It lets you post ads about the products and services that you wish to sell.

These ads are found by millions of manufacturers, end-users, farmers on the platform and they can purchase the products easily by contacting the sellers.

This is a great website where the buyers and sellers in the agriculture business can come together and collaborate.

For the farmers

We have seen instances where sales and farmer income is low. Everybody is raising awareness about how farmers need new means of economical support and more representation in the market.

With a website like Mansarochan, farmers get a platform to buy equipment for farming and sell their yield to potential customers.

The food and agriculture industry is extremely vast. To begin an agriculture business, you often need contacts and sources to purchase raw materials from.

Whether it's organic farming, inorganic farming, food processing unit, or just an agriculture business for farming equipment, getting raw materials at a lower price is the foundation of them all.

Social media has been acting as a prime influencer for small businesses recently. With an abundance of free time at hand and nothing to do, many people started their ventures in the lockdown and began social media marketing to gain huge successes.

Social media kindled an idea that when the buyers and sellers contact directly without having an intermediary, both are making good profits.

Building on the same idea, the Mansarochan website allows farmers to contact their customers directly. This makes sure that the farmers are the ones pricing their yield and not anybody else who might cut down on the margins targetted by farmers. This also ensures that the entire amount the customer pays goes into the farmer's pocket.

Organic farming is said to produce a quality and nutritional yield, but the process is tougher for the same. Inorganic farming makes use of chemical fertilizers and non-green methods to create quick yields.

Owing to this difference, few of the farmers resorted to inorganic farming in the past few years to earn more profits. But if we provide quality customers, equal sales range, and easy-to-use equipment, farmers might switch back to organic farming resulting in some real healthy products in the market.

For the bulk buyers

Now speaking of the urban market players in the Agriculture industry, purchasing livestock or food grains directly from the farmers can be of great benefit. At the same time, by directly selling out their produce to bigger companies, the farmer income will also increase compared to having other intermediaries between them both.

This platform allows the buyer and seller to connect without anyone interfering. This results in smoother deals and direct profits for both parties.

Those who are local vendors or wish to purchase farmers’ yields can do so on the website. We also have bigger buyers like a food processing unit who require bigger agricultural produce more frequently. Such buyers can find specific advertisements that suit their pricing and content needs and then act on them.

People were in search and need of a website like this. It is not just another website that works for its profits. The aim of Mansarochan is to facilitate small and big businesses alike and get an equal opportunity for all.

Not just the farmers but manufacturers, industries, and other bulk buyers were also in search of a website or a platform where they can meet their potential customers.

For the manufacturers

This platform is also a great place for technological manufacturers. There are so many new features, tools, equipment, and innovations in the farming industry.

However, not all of them make it to the market. Sometimes, even if a model is excellent, it might not be able to make it to the actual market because of limited production or other challenges. But it surely can reach its customers through the Mansarochan website.

Many young entrepreneurs are trying to create some innovative farming equipment that could reduce the hard work of farmers. Organic farming requires heavy farm work to maintain the crops without using any chemicals.

Such state-of-the-art equipment can help encourage organic farming and, ultimately, quality products in the market.

Manufacturers who have produced certain innovative farming equipment can post their advertisements on the website, and those farmers who are willing to try it out can purchase it! It again helps the manufacturers to raise more profits too. This means that they can spend more on the R&D sector and improve their pieces of equipment!

Rather than sending their farming equipment to the market where the vendors would cut a huge slack of profits for themself, the manufacturers would directly be able to provide the best price and quality to the farmers at this website.

About the website

The website is extremely user-friendly. The interface is kept very easy for even the least technical person to be able to operate it. Most importantly, the site is well tested and trusted. Thousands of deals have been done on the site, and there are many verified sellers and buyers too.

Moreover, the website is efficient in the manner of work. There are no complex agreements or giant contracts for you to sign. It is as easy as online shopping. A seller just simply lists out their products, and buyers can easily find them.

Final words

A digital space where farmers, manufacturers, and buyers can come together was a need of the hour. With markets closing up, everybody is resorting to online websites. So, we created an online platform that fits in all the new-normal regulations and resulted in the good of society.

The website has proven to be doing its absolute best in the last year, with thousands of deals cracked and millions of users registered. All you need is a phone and internet connection. The entire Agriculture business world is just a click away.

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