Old Bike Sale And Purchase

Old Bike Sale And Purchase

The two-wheeler is a prevalent mode of transport that especially proves to be a boon during busy traffic days. For everyday work, running errands, deliveries, pick-ups, and even road trips, bikes are very handy. Every other household has a motorcycle, or sometimes even more than one, and old bike sale is becoming common every day.

Before purchasing a bike, make sure you understand the purpose of buying it. Long road trips are memorable when paired up with the latest bike available in the market with good mileage. Similarly, for daily usage, a second-hand bike suits as well!

Points to Remember While Buying

While purchasing a second-hand bike, you will get a variety of options. You can buy them from dealers or from an acquaintance. Here is what you should know before purchasing:

1. Inspection

Do not forget to inspect the motorcycle before purchasing it. It is preferable if you go during the day and inspect it in the clear light of the day.

2. Associate

It is advised that you should take someone along with you while buying it. It would help if the person has prior knowledge regarding two-wheelers or has enough experience of using them.

3. Pricing

Always discuss the bike price before purchasing it. Reliable dealers or platforms like Mansarochan will always put up a reasonable price and stick to it. They will never change the price after reaching the venue. There is no chance of any hidden costs except what is mentioned. If you plan to add on any feature or change the paint, tires as per your needs, then that would cost you extra.

4. Oil Leak

Generally, bikes are sent for servicing first and then polished in case of a resale. But it is important that you check it for your assurance. Remember to check the service details of the bike. Always ensure that there is no oil leakage from the bike, if there is you will have to notify the seller.

5. Corrosion

Always check your bike for any rust or corrosion. Often with repeated usage, dirt, and pollution, certain parts of the bike may begin to corrode. Check if the bike looks rusty or as fresh as the latest bike. Also, keep in mind to check the fuel tank for corrosion.

6. Chain and Tyres

It is essential to check for wear and tear in the chains and sprockets of the bike. To understand the condition, you can rotate the back wheel and hear the uniform sound of the chain. Do check the tires and ensure there are no visible signs of tear.

7. Documentation

This is the most vital part of buying a bike! Always check the papers that are given to you. Check the registration book which should have the engine and chassis number clearly printed on it. Do not forget to check the bike insurance papers, the Pollution Under Control Certificate, and the No Objection Certificate. A NOC is compulsory especially when the bike is being transferred from one RTO to another.

It is safe and smart to buy a second-hand motorcycle because you will buy it at a low bike price. If the bike is in good condition and you made all the necessary checks then be assured that you have a good deal for yourself.

Points to Remember While Selling

Purchasing a bike involves many things and the same goes for selling it. There are many platforms to sell your bike but not all of them are reliable. There are many platforms that will attract customers who are either not serious about purchasing it or have no intention of doing it. They might end up wasting your time. But reliable platforms like Mansarochan will help you to attract the right kind of customers.

Selling your bike can be emotional, especially if it is your first one. There are a lot of emotions and sentiments attached to our old vehicles. But if you need some extra cash then selling it is a good option. You might be saving up for another one, and maybe you do not have the entire amount. If that is the case, you may choose to sell your older one to get the amount you need. However, there are a few things that you need about an old bike sale.

1. Condition

You must thoroughly check the condition of the bike before offering to sell it. The bike should be in good condition and you should be willing to pay for its servicing. If you upload photos of a rusty old bike, then you will not be able to attract buyers. You might have to repaint it, change the tyres, and check for any signs of leakage. Always remember that before anyone purchases it, they do a thorough inspection. This ensures that you do not have to suffer criticism at a later stage.

2. Paperwork

The documentation is very important, you must have the registration and bike insurance papers ready and updated. Your pollution and NOC certificate is a must while handing it over to the new owner. To avoid any unnecessary hassle in the future, you must complete the documentation process and everything should be legal.

3. Pricing

You cannot sell your used bike at a higher price, so keep in mind that it has to be a little less than the current first-hand rate. However, if you have serviced your bike properly or updated its features then you can fix the sale at a better price. But, you must be open for negotiations with the customer and work on your bargaining skills.

  1. Background

Just like it is important that the customer verifies the vehicle, you too should check the background of the buyer. They should be reliable and trustworthy buyers who make the payments on time. Always plan these aspects before agreeing to sell it.

Final Thoughts

Choose Mansarochan for a hassle-free buying or selling experience. Make it a safe transaction with them. Buying a vehicle is a time-consuming affair, but if you have a platform that provides you with multiple choices then it becomes easier. It is better if you can see or upload the photos before meeting in person and also know about the pricing. This makes it easier for buyers and sellers to gather and spread information safely and quickly.

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